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What is off-Page SEO?

Off-Page SEO or off-site SEO involves performing actions outside one’s own website or control to influence the ranking of pages within search engine result pages (SERPs). A form of engine optimization. This includes search engine recognition and improved perception of website relevance and credibility. This is primarily done by link building elements such as anchor text and referring domains.

Data-Driven Actions

Our cutting-edge, innovative technology enables you to better analyze your data. This technology helps us make informed decisions.


Normal communication is just the beginning. Account Manager is always at your disposal.

Lifetime Results

Our search engine optimization strategy is a white hat strategy. In other words, it is a permanent ranking that does not disappear.

Personalized Reports

With easy-to-understand reports, you can customize reports to see the data that matters most.

Importance of Off-Page Optimization

Why Off-Page Optimization Matters?

Search engines aim to provide the best results for a given search query. To do this, they consider onsite factors, offsite factors, and other quality factors. Off-page factors are a good indicator of how your website/pages are perceived. Sites with quality content may have more testimonials from other sites.

Improve Your Search Rankings

A successful offsite SEO strategy will result in higher rankings on search engine result pages and more traffic to your website. The higher the rank, the higher your site will appear in the results, and the more likely users will view your site for your target keyword. This makes the user more likely to click the link on his website.

Improve your PageRank

PageRank A number from 0 to 10 indicates how important your website is to Google. PageRank is assigned by Google to each page of his website based on the quality and number of links to each page. PageRank is one of the factors that influence a website's search ranking.

Off-Page SEO

Proven Off-Page SEO Services in Australia

Looking to increase your visibility with the best off-page SEO strategy?

Off-page SEO tells search engines what other people think of your site. For example, if you have a lot of links pointing to your website, it’s like having great content in the eyes of search engines and providing value to your users. You can put together a search engine optimization strategy to help your website rank higher and even stabilize its position. This is a positive process that takes time, patience and effort. Off-page SEO services are available if your website traffic is declining.

Gold Digital provides comprehensive off-page optimization solutions to help your business grow online. You can improve your search engine visibility and traffic to your website through our off-page SEO services. Whether you’re looking for an off-page SEO audit or have different requirements, we can optimize your website and help you rank higher.

Locally Created Content

Content creation is the best way to create a website locally. Locally focused, community-based content is a surefire way to resonate and connect with your customers. And that connection is the key to turning them into actual paying customers.

The local content on your site plays an important role in how Google ranks your site locally. You need to skew local content for your customer base. Videos, key graphics, maps, delivery details, and hours of operation should include local search terms. Your content should also be informative and creative enough to drive shoppers to your store or call you. You should constantly update your website with fresh new copies that are identifiable in that region. Updating fresh content with new images and locally relevant material can increase organic traffic by over 112%.

Deeper SEO Strategies

We use advanced machine learning techniques and in-house developed algorithms. These algorithms mean we can plan detailed strategies specific to your business. Gives you 5x more work where it matters.

1. Detailed Planning

Planning gives you a better understanding of your goals and objectives. Then you can understand your target keywords and strategies to grow faster.

2. Assignment and Implementation

Assigning a Sunshine Coast or Specialist Account Manager to a campaign is just the beginning. Our specially designed task assignment software ensures that over 400 tweaks are performed in optimal order from day one.

3. Comprehensive Report

Insightful reports clearly focus on goals. All tasks, changes and improvements are reported and delivered at the end of each month.

4. Continuous Improvement

New competitors or changes to existing competitors will be reported immediately. Our reports allow us to proactively counteract your adjustments with our unique data-driven optimization.

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Frequently asked questions

We use many 3rd party tools such as Ahrefs, Semrush, Moz and Majestic to develop and measure our SEO strategy. We also have a range of in-house developed SEO tools that help us provide the best possible SEO for our clients. We’ve worked with developers to create tools that give you a better understanding of what your competitors are doing, and the processes you need to implement to stay ahead of your competitors on Google Search. The off-the-shelf tools are great, but some have had to develop their own tools to gain an edge in the market.

No, sorry. Providing her one-time SEO services is like asking a contractor to build her a house in one day. Even if they tried the project, the end result would be hasty, erratic, and unreliable. The same applies to one-off services. All SEO services are offered on a campaign basis. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and you can’t do something you’re proud of in a month or two. SEO work takes time, but we don’t take on one-off projects. Search engine marketing is a long and cumulative process. All campaigns are delivered on a monthly basis, but if you can’t commit to a minimum 6-month commitment, we highly recommend deferring your SEO.

I can’t tell you without talking to you. All we can tell you is that if we don’t feel you are the right person for your business, we won’t hire you as a client.We don’t work with everyone. , it doesn’t work every churn either. We onboard clients that we believe can deliver significant revenue-generating results. If we decide that you are not the right person for our services, or that your marketing budget would be better spent elsewhere, we will let you know first we guarantee it.

Search engine optimization is the process of researching, improving, and optimizing a website’s onsite and offsite elements to improve its organic visibility in search engines. is. PPC, Google Ads, Search Engine Marketing, or whatever you call it, is the process of buying Google’s top listings. Rent a spot on the top of Google so prospects can find your website. As long as you keep paying for every click and every impression, your business will stay at the top of search results.

Yes, you have 24/7 access to the same keyword tracking tools you use to measure campaign movement. Access keyword trackers, ranking tools, traffic data tools, and everything else you use to measure your campaigns. Transparency is the key to trust. That’s why we want to give you complete visibility into what your money is being spent on and what it means for your business.

We don’t limit our SEO services by the number of keywords you can target in your campaigns. SEO companies that sell keyword ranking packages are usually full of the know-it-alls.

We focus on getting traffic. If there is relevant keyword data suggesting that the keyword is worth targeting your site for, research it on Google. Select keywords based on a combination of search volume, competition and intent. The latter is the most important.

Focus on keywords that drive revenue, not keywords that look great in month-end reports. You can use thousands of different keywords to appear on Google’s first page, but what’s the point if they’re not driving relevant traffic, growth, and conversions?