Social Media Management Case Study - Australian Institute of Credit Management


Australian Institute of Credit Management is a RTO and financial organisation. AICM were looking for assistance with their branding and also promotions via email.

Social Media

We created a strong content plan and creatives for their social media:

They were able to generate strong organic growth and engagement which lead to a stronger brand presence online.

Paid Advertising Case Study - Hair Growth Centre


Hair Growth Centre is a hair growth treatment clinic who needed customer bookings in the local area.

Paid Advertising

We designed ad creatives that were extremely relevant to the target audience and set up Facebook and Instagram ads.

As a result of the ads – we received multiple bookings within the first week. At first our click through rates and booking rates were quite low to be honest, but after further optimization we improved it drastically after experimenting with the creatives. For example when we first started cost about $37 for a booking. We managed to reduce it to roughly $8! 


That is nearly a 500% reduction in cost per booking, which means they were able to generate more bookings at a cheaper cost!